Goddess Stefania

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19 YO
Height: 1.60 m / 5.24 ft
Eyes: black
Braist: 90C - 34C (USA)
Feet: 36 (EUR) - 5 (USA) - 3.5 (UK)
Skin: black
Occupation: dominatrix, foot model, model.
She enjoys doing: foot domination, foot fetish, footjob, foot worship, trampling, strapon, fisting, foot fucking, ballbusting, spitting, whipping, humiliation, financial domination, CBT, pee, lesbian domination.

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Humiliations Spitting Foot worship Foot fetish Tanned feet Dirty feet Ebony Goddess Asian Goddess
 15.27 mn
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The sun rises early in the tropics, and by six o'clock its first rays illuminate the coast and the palm trees that border it.

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The sun rises early in the tropics, and by six o'clock its first rays illuminate the coast and the palm trees that border it.

Today's Saturday, the girls don't have classes, so it's the perfect day to chill out with your girlfriends! They woke up early, at 7 a.m. they meet on the terrace for the breakfast, menu: tea, coffee, fruit and a submissive. I'm pretty sure the last ingredient won't leave you indifferent. there's no time to humiliate a slave, at 7AM or PM, at noon, at midnight, no matter what time it is, it's always the right time.

Stefania's keeping the slave on a leash, he's on all fours, bare ass, shaved balls, wearing a chastity cage, Phil makes his triumphant entrance on the terrace, this old bitch is a kind of superstar in his category. Welcomed with all the honours due to his rank, Phil is turned into a spits tank, each girl spits into his mouth. Sir is served: big spits to swallow and dirty feet to clean.

Phil is considered as an outstanding bitch, and frankly it's well deserved. However, even an old slut like him must be clean and impeccable, after licking his mistresses' feet clean, he has to wash the terrace with his tongue. Remember submissives: hygiene is the first virtue.

Humiliation, spitting, foot worship, dirty feet, foot fetish, Ebony Goddess, Asian Goddess.

Le soleil se lve tt sous les tropiques, il est six heures quand ses premiers rayons se projettent sur la cte et les palmiers qui la bordent. Aujourd'hui c'est samedi, les filles n'ont pas cours, c'est la journe idale pour fare niente. Pas besoin de bosser quand on dispose d'un larbin dvou.

Les filles se sont leves tt, 7 heures, elles se retrouvent sur la terrasse, th, caf, biscuits, fruits et soumis. Le dernier ingrdient devrait t'intresser, il n'y a pas d'heure pour humilier un esclave, Stefania va chercher le larbin, quatre pattes, cul l'air, couilles rases entraves, slave Phil fait son entre triomphale sur la terrasse, la vieille pute connat un succs croissant chez les jeunes pestes.

Accueilli comme une star, il est transform en rservoir mollards, chacune des filles vient lui cracher dans la bouche, Monsieur est servi : crachats gogo et pieds sales lcher. Phil est considr comme une trane hors norme et franchement, il ne l'a pas vol, je dirais mme que c'est parfaitement mrit.

Il a beau tre une salope, ce n'est pas une raison pour tout saloper, aprs avoir nettoy les pieds de ses Matresses, elles le font galement laver la terrasse avec sa langue. Que voulez-vous, dans la vie, l'hygine est la premire des vertus !

Humiliation, crachats, adoration des pieds, ftichisme des pieds, pieds sales, Desse noire, Desse asiatique.


Foot fetish Foot worship Foot smelling Spitting Humiliation
 14.39 mn
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A 4WD pick-up runs on a road surrounded by lush vegetation, with five young black, mixed-race and Asian girls in the back. They are back from the . . .read more / lire la suite
A 4WD pick-up runs on a road surrounded by lush vegetation, with five young black, mixed-race and Asian girls in the back. They are back from the beach.

A gate, a house surrounded by greenery, palm trees, coconut palms, takamaka, vacoas, exotic plants, the car stops and the girls get out.

1 hour later, Phil is busy washing the car. Stefania and her girlfriends arrive, Sandra, Sasha, Marina and Sabrina, four in the pick-up, one on the roof, their bare feet sticking out through the windows.

"lick our feet!"

Phil - the house slave - doesn't need to be told again: between the Mazda's grille and the dirty feet of those bratty students, he quickly made his choice.

Sabrina who's just turned 19 is the first to get her soles cleaned, dark skin, almond eyes and fiery gaze.

"lick my toes bitch!"

what a pleasure to be insulted by your student!

Phil revels in the wet soles of her feet and the toes between which he tirelessly runs his fetishist tongue. From the roof, Stefania spits on Sabrina's feet, a welcome gift for the submissive who loves dirty feet as much as spits in his mouth. At 19, this black Barbie loves humiliating Phil, who in turn loves being humiliated.

"come and lick my feet bitch!"

Marina the Black, seated at the back left, is keen to have her feet cleaned, so Phil rushes over and licks the student's feet without restraint.

"come and lick my feet bitch!"

It's Sasha's turn to get her feet licked, 37, tanned and delicate toes.

"come and lick my feet bitch!"

Phil is just in front of Sandra, she spits on his face, and give her both feet to worship.

"come and lick my feet bitch!"

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Foot fetish, foot worship, foot smelling, dirty feet, spitting, humiliation.

Un 4x4 version pick-up circule sur une qui serpente travers une vgtation luxuriante, l'arrire, cinq filles, noires, mtisses, asiatiques. Elle rentre de la plage, baignade dans l?ocan indien.

Un portail, une maison dans un crin de verdure, palmiers, cocotiers, takamaka, vacoas, plantes exotiques, le 4x4 s'immobilise, les filles en descendent. 1 heure plus tard, Phil s'active, il doit laver la voiture. Stefania et ses copines dboulent, Sandra, Sasha, Marina et Sabrina, quatre dans le pick-up, une sur le toit, pieds nus travers les fentres ouvertes.

"occupe-toi plutt de nos pieds !"

Phil - larbin maison - n'a pas besoin qu'on lui rpte, entre la calandre du Mazda, et les pieds sales de ces gamines vicelardes, il a vite fait son choix. La premire se faire nettoyer les pieds c'est Sabrina 19 ans, taille 37, peau mate, les yeux en amande et un regard de braise,

"viens lcher sale pute !"

Phil se dlecte de ces plantes de pieds humides et des ses orteils entre lesquels il passe inlassablement sa langue de ftichiste pour ne pas en perdre une miette !

Du haut du toit, Stefania crache sur les pieds de sa copine, un petit cadeau de bienvenue pour le soumis qui aime autant les pieds sales que les mollards dans la gueule. A 19 ans, cette Barbie black adore humilier Phil qui son tour adore se faire humilier.

"viens lcher sale pute !"

Marina la Black assise arrire gauche a trs envie de se faire nettoyer les pieds, Phil accoure, l'inverse t'aurait surpris et lche sans retenue les pieds de l'tudiante.

"viens lcher sale pute !"

C'est au tour de Sasha - adorable petite asiat' - de se faire lcher les pieds, 37, cuivrs, orteils dlicats.

"viens lcher sale pute !"

Phil passe chez Sandra, un bon crachat dans la bouche et hop les deux pieds dans le bec.

"viens lcher sale pute !"

Plus de dtails ? Tlcharge la vido.

Ftichisme des pieds, adorations des pieds, sniffage des pieds, pieds sales, crachats, humiliations.


Foot fetish Foot worship Foot smelling Spitting Humiliation Ebony Goddess Asian Goddess
 18.36 mn
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Stefania has just turned 19, black and golden, she's a real looker. the Miss has just entered university where she is studying French literature, . . .read more / lire la suite
Stefania has just turned 19, black and golden, she's a real looker. the Miss has just entered university where she is studying French literature, she shares a room with her friend Sasha, a psychology student. One night, Sasha made a confession to Stefania,

"you know what, Renata, the teacher is a big slut, she's a lesbian and a submissive "


"I will have a domination session with her tomorrow, do you want to participate ?"

Sure she does! Stefania, who has vice in her blood, can't miss such an opportunity. Dominating a teacher? The dream of every well-born student!

Renata arrives held on a leash by Sasha, she looks like a vulgar bitch, That's how she likes to be treated. She thought to crawl at the feet of a student, she has two for the price of one! Lucky slave!

The girls make her worshipped their feet before spitting on her face, some big good spits that drip down her face and in her mouth,

"swallow our spits!"

And to make sure she doesn't lose a drop, stefania pulls her tongue with her toes.

But the surprise is like dessert, it comes to the end, the girls have called a guy, some kind of bad boy, as soon as he arrives, the guy pulls down his pants and takes out his cock...

"come on bitch, there's a dick to suck"

So nicely said! Renata is giving a blowjob while both students are laughing at her. once a pest, always a pest...

Foot fetish, foot worship, foot smelling, spitting, humiliation, Ebony Goddess, Asian Goddess.

Stefania vient d'avoir 19 ans, noire et dore, belle croquer, la Miss vient d'entrer l?universit o elle tudie la littrature franaise. Elle a rejoint sa copine Sasha qui elle est en premire anne de psycho.

L'adorable asiatique a rapidement mis la petite et non moins adorable Black au parfum, une des profs sur le campus - Renata - est lesbienne et soumise, autrement dit, elle aime se faire dominer par ses tudiantes.

"j'ai une sance de domination avec cette salope, a te dirait de venir ? "

Et comment ! Stefania qui a le vice dans le sang ne peut rater une telle occasion ! Dominer une prof ? Le rve de toute tudiante bien ne ouais !...

Renata arrive tenue en laisse par Sasha qui la trane quatre pattes comme une vulgaire chienne, c'est comme a qu'elle aime comme la traite, pute et soumise et fire de l'tre avec a. Elle pensait ramper aux pieds d'une tudiante, elle en a deux pour le prix d'une ! La prochaine fois, pense jouer au Loto pouffiasse, on ne sait jamais, sur un malentendu, a peut marcher.

Aucun malentendu en revanche sur son tat de soumission, cosmique surtout quand elle se retrouve aux pieds de la petite Black et ses ides perverses. La grosse chienne Renata se dandine avec un gode dans le cul pendant qu'elle vnre les pieds des deux petites garces, Sasha lui crache la gueule, les gros mollards coulent sur son visage pendant que Stefy lui tirent la langue avec ses orteils histoire que la soumise n'en perde pas une goutte, ce serait pch ! Bon t'as eu l'entre, le plat de rsistance, place dsormais au dessert, bien sucr comme tu les aimes, Stefania et Sasha ont command un chibre, un jeune mec dboule, baisse son froc et sort sa queue.

"vas-y suce-le !"

C"est si gentiment dit ! Renata s'en va pomper la bite et lcher les couilles pour le grand plaisir du mec et pour la plus grande rigolade des filles. Peste un jour, peste toujours...

Ftichisme des pieds, adoration des pieds, sniffage des pieds, crachats, humiliations, Desse noire, Desse asiatique.

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