Goddess Betty

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18 YO
Height: 1.57 m / 5.15 ft
Eyes: brown
Braist: 85B - 32B (USA)
Feet: 36 (EUR) - 4.5 (USA) - 3 (UK)
Skin: tanned
Occupation: student
She enjoys doing: foot domination, trampling, strapon, fisting, footjob, ballbusting, spitting, wax, whipping, money slavery, CBT, blackmail.

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10 Euros

After a hot breakfast during which he has tasted the twat marinated with pussy juice a culinary speciality typical of the the area Roger has . . .read more / lire la suite
After a hot breakfast during which he has tasted the twat marinated with pussy juice a culinary speciality typical of the the area Roger has followed his lesbian Mistresses who intend to fuck in the oriental lounge which adjoins the swimming pool.

Comfortably installed on a sofa, both girls are making out while their masked slave are licking their pussy one after the other Dude, your mission is to make your Mistresses come, his expert tongue is sucking furiously the clitoris and the the lips while hes having a hard-on And ? After that ? What's going on ? Download the video...

Face sitting, pussy worship, porn Star, Indian Mistress, foot fetish.

Length: 12.53 mn
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WMV FULL HD 1920x1080 - 10 Mb/s - 947 Mb
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Aprs un petit djeuner torride o il a pu notamment goter la pche au jus de moule, une spcialit locale ne rate sous aucun prtexte, Roger suit en mode clbard ses deux Matresses lesbiennes qui ont bien lintention de baiser dans le salon oriental, lounge narguil qui jouxte la piscine.

Confortablement installes sur une banquette qui rappelle les dlices du Maroc, Luna et Betty se roulent des gamelles sen dcrocher la mchoire pendant que le larbin masqu leur lche goulment la choune quitte se taper un blocage des maxillaires ! Ta mission boloss est de faire jouir tes Matresses, sil avait eu choisir entre pousser les wagonnets au fond de la mine et lcher des chattes, il nest pas sr quAlbert aurait choisi les cits minires la langue experte de cet enrag du minou irrigue le clito de ces demoiselles, le nez dans le bnitier, ce radicalis de la mouille se tape une queue sous les encouragements nourris des 2 lesbos qui commencent apprcier le nettoyage intime de leur larbin Et ensuite ? Clique sur TELECHARGER / DOWNLOAD.

Face sitting, cunnilingus, actrice X, Matresse indienne, ftichisme des pieds.

Dure: 12,53 mn
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10.90 Euros

Submissive R a former military - likes the big calibers, especially when he takes them in the ass! 20 years of anal pounding have not been enou . . .read more / lire la suite
Submissive R a former military - likes the big calibers, especially when he takes them in the ass! 20 years of anal pounding have not been enough for him, this outstanding bitch is used to practice his ass like others do for the 100 meters race, I would even dare to say that if Anal Olympic Games would exist, R would be gold medal.

Die-hard activist of the right for sluts to be fucked, R constantly seeks to improve his performances. Today Betty will fist his balloon knot. What's the objective? To put her fist inside, then her forearm and finally to invite her friend Sephora to do the same thing. Doggy style, anus generously offered, R is in slut posture, while Betty's gloved fist sinks into the meanders of his ass, and he's seen a lot! For Betty, 1.60 m,(5'3) brunette, caramel skin, it's the passing of the fisting licence, she dreamed about it, R did it. The forearm is now fully inserted into this asshole temple when Betty invites Sephora to pound her submissive. Now my little friend, we may wonder if it's really a good idea to invite this black tigress to a fisting party... In this genre, it will be my ass party, this big slut R will get what he wants!

2 fists in the ass: 2! The former captain has already been through baptisms of fire, but this time it is his ass that's on fire. Both arms furiously shake the already wasted hole of the submissive, slappings on the buttocks like we do for whores, insults, and this is just the beginning. You want to know the end? Click on DOWNLOAD ...

Fisting, anal, lesbians, 18 yo, porn star, indian.

Length: 14.37 mn
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Soumis R ancien militaire aime les calibres, surtout quand il les prend dans le fion ! 20 ans de dfonce anale ne lui ont visiblement pas suffit, cette chienne hors norme travaille son cul comme dautres prparent le 100 mtres, je peux mme affirmer que sil existait les Jeux Olympiques Anals, R serait mdaille dor.

Militant jusquau-boutiste du droit des salopes se faire enfiler, R cherche en permanence amliorer ses performances. Aujourdhui Betty va lui fister loignon, objectif ? lui rentrer le point et lavant-bras puis inviter sa copine Sephora faire la mme chose.

En levrette, anus gnreusement offert, R est en position poufiasse, tandis que le poing gant de Betty senfonce dans les mandres de ton cul, et il en a vu dautres ! Pour Betty, 1,60 m, brunette, peau mate, cest le passage du permis de fister , elle en rvait, R la fait. Lavant-bras sest dsormais totalement invit dans ce temple du trou de balle, quand Betty invite Sephora dfoncer son soumis. Alors l mon pote, on peut se demander si cest rellement une bonne ide de convier cette tigresse noire une fisting party Dans le genre a va tre la fte mon cul, cette grande salope de R va tre servie !

2 poings dans la derche : 2 ! Lex capitaine a dj connu des baptmes du feu, mais cette fois-ci cest bien son cul qui est en feu. Les deux bras branlent furieusement le trou dj bien clat du soumis, des claques sur les fesses comme les putes, des insultes, et ce nest que le dbut. Tu veux connatre la fin, clique sur DOWNLOAD

Fisting, anal, lesbiennes, 18 ans, actrice X, indienne.

Dure: 14,37 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mo/s - 1,03 Gb
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16.90 Euros

Betty loves girls like Luna who likes girls like Betty, 18 for one, 21 for the other but the same desire to lick each other's pussy.

. . .read more / lire la suite
Betty loves girls like Luna who likes girls like Betty, 18 for one, 21 for the other but the same desire to lick each other's pussy.

Bare naked on the sofa, the 2 Miss are kissing and fingering each other, out of sight a,t least that's what they think when suddenly, Luna sees looking up, a masked cucumber: Roger! Roger? Yes you know him! Roger: the servant of these ladies, handyman, this true carpet takes care of everything in the villa. Hidden in the mezzanine overlooking the living room, the submissive was watching and masturbating while the girls fucked! Taken dick-handed as well as red-handed Roger receives the order to get off his perch ...

"What did you do up there loser?"
"How long have you been peeping? "

Hardly has he got the time to mumble an excuse that the voyeur gets a shower of slaps ...

"And moreover you're wanking, who gave you permission? "
"Why don't you come here and lick our pussies instead! "

We could have called the video "clitoris for dummies": under the humiliations of his lesbian Mistresses, the submissive is going to get pussy like never before! Head in Betty's pussy while Luna holds his head with her foot, Zorro is ordered to give pleasure to the little Indian girl who clearly prefers Luna's licks to those of their shared stooge's one. Nervermind, Luna the internationally known porn star will teach this slut-boy how to make a woman come.

Cunnilingus, pussy against pussy, face-sitting, double ass doggy style, clit sucker, pussy eater, this slut Roger learns how to read on the lips, and after having licked those wet pussies, this insatiable smell lover slides to the joys of ass rimming ... But the clock is ticking, it's time for the girls to go for a swim, before going back to the pool and the jacuzzi, Luna and Betty piss in the mouth of their sub who delights in their nectar and gets his turn to come.

Face sitting, pussy worship, ass worship, lesbians, 18 yo, foot fetish, porn star, indian, pissing.

Length: 30.02 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mb/s - 2.16 Gb
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MP4 for mobile 720x480 - 416 Mb

Betty aime les filles comme Luna qui aime les filles comme Betty, 18 pour lune, 21 pour lautre mais la mme envie de se lcher le minou.

A poil sur le canap, les 2 Miss sembrassent et se doigtent labri des regards, du moins le pensent-elles quand soudain, Luna aperoit en levant les yeux, un concombre masqu : Roger ! Roger ? mais oui ! Roger : le larbin de ces dames, homme tout faire, cette carpette soccupe de tout dans la villa. Planqu dans la mezzanine qui surplombe le living, le soumis tait en train de mater et de se branler pendant que les Filles baisaient ! Pris une main sur la bite et lautre dans le pot de confiture, Roger reoit lordre de descendre de son perchoir

quest-ce que tu foutais l-haut boloss ?
depuis quand tu mates ?

Il a peine le temps de bredouiller une excuse que le voyeur se prend une pluie de baffes

et en plus tu te tapes une queue, minable, qui ta donn lautorisation ?
Viens plutt lcher nos chattes !

On aurait pu appeler la vido le clitoris pour les Nuls : sous les humiliations de ses matresses lesbiennes, le soumis va se taper de la moule comme jamais ! La tte dans la chatte de Betty pendant que Luna lui maintient le crne avec son pied, Zorro a lordre de donner du plaisir la petite Indienne qui prfre largement les coups de langue de sa copine Luna ceux de leur larbin commun Peu importe, Luna star mondiale du porno va apprendre cette lopette comment on fait jouir une femme.

Cunnilingus, chatte contre chatte, face-sitting, double cul en levrette, suce clito, aspire moule, cette salope de Roger apprend lire sur les lvres, et aprs avoir lcher ces chattes humides, cet olfactive insatiable passe aux joies de lanalingus Mais lheure tourne, il est temps pour les filles daller se baigner, avant de retrouver piscine et jacuzzi, Luna et Betty pissent dans la bouche de leur soumis qui se dlecte de leur nectar et a son tour jouit.

Face sitting, cunnilingus, analingus, lesbiennes, 18 ans, ftichisme des pieds, actrice X, indienne, uro.

Dure: 30,02 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mo/s - 2,16 Go
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11.90 Euros

Betty - 18 years old - enjoys the absence of the wife of his sub to squat his villa and take advantage of the loser...

Hardly had she
. . .read more / lire la suite
Betty - 18 years old - enjoys the absence of the wife of his sub to squat his villa and take advantage of the loser...

Hardly had she arrived, she invites her girlfriend Sephora to party hard and have the hooded stooge give his cash away. After two days spent in the pool and jacuzzi, the Divine Goddesses have a bright idea: there are probably some whores on vacation in the south, and what about doing sessions? THE good deals of the summer: an ad on a website, a telephone number and all the sluts will get their asses right here crawling!

In the list of the BEST WHORES some stand out better than others, an example? BEN, 55 years old, 100 kg (220 Lbs), class A certified bitch and approved with a pronounced taste for the blowjob, I reassure you comrade, not for his dick, you have to search for it in the bottom of his slip ... No, to give blowjobs, in the case some wouldn't understand and at this rate, BEN may well get a blockage of the maxillary because this whore really enjoys cocks, especially when they are long and fill the mouth well.

Once again the chance, unless it is destiny has done things well, the two furies Sephora & Betty have invited a switch: ROGER, who had the smart idea to come with his balls, two huge balls well ready to be emptied ... And in the role of the big sucker/dick aspirator: BEN "on sale in the sluts department". While the fat masked seal sucks very hard, girls are having the laugh of the century spitting on the dick of the switch and insulting this big whore adept of XXL humiliations! Take it deep throat slut! Ben doesn't hesitate! If only I could take it in the ass... ..we'll keep it for later my little friend but for now, Roger drops the spunk and you'd better eat everything!....

Finally, this is good he wears a hood, mouthful of cum, forced to lick the cock of his friend and Betty's feet ... For sure if his boss saw him, he would get a promotion!

Some rough and tough!

Humiliation, blowjob, forced bi, foot worship, Indian Goddess, Ebony Goddess, 18 yo.

Length: 14.04 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mb/s - 980 Mb
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MP4 for mobile 720x480 - 195 Mb

Betty - 18 ans - profite de labsence de la femme de son soumis pour squatter sa villa et profiter du boloss

A peine arrive, elle invite sa copine Sephora pour faire la teuf et faire raquer le larbin encagoul. Au bout de deux jours passs dans la piscine et le jacuzzi, les Divines ont une ide lumineuse : ya sans doute des putes en vacances dans le Sud, et si on faisait des sances ? LE plan de lt : une annonce, un num et toutes les salopes qui rappliquent plat ventre !

Au TOP PUPUTE, certaines se distinguent mieux que les autres, un exemple ? BEN, 55 berges, 100 kg, chienne certifie et homologue avec un got prononc pour la pipe, jte rassure camarade, pas pour sa bite, tu la cherches au fond du slip Non, pour TAILLER des pipes, des fois que certains nauraient pas compris et ce rythme-l, BEN risque bien un blocage des maxillaires tant cette putain kiffe la bite surtout quand elle est longue en bouche.

Une fois de plus le hasard moins que ce ne soit le destin a bien fait les choses, les deux furies Sephora & Betty ont invit un switch : ROGER qui a eu lide gniale de venir avec ses couilles, deux grosses burnes bien pleines prtes pour la vidange Et dans le rle de la pompeuse aspiratrice : BEN en vente au rayon poufiasse . Pendant que le gros phoque masqu suce sen dcrocher la mchoire, les filles se tapent la barre du sicle en crachant sur la queue du switch et en insultant cette grosse catin adepte de lhumiliation XXL ! Gorge profonde salope ! Ben ne se fait pas prier ! Ha si seulement je pouvais la prendre dans lcul.. a mon canard ce sera pour plus tard, pour linstant, Roger envoie la pure et tas intrt tout bouffer !....

Finalement, heureusement quil porte une cagoule Raoul, du sperme plein la gueule, oblig de lcher le gland de son pote et les pieds de Betty Sr que si son patron le voyait, il aurait une promotion !

Humiliations, fellation, homosexualit force, adoration des pieds, Desse indienne, Desse noire, 18 ans.

Dure: 14,04 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mo/s - 980 Mo
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MP4 pour mobile 720x480 - 195 Mo


9.95 Euros

A few weeks ago, during a party, Anais introduced us to her cousin: Betty, 18 years old, almost her clone, just two years younger but as the old . . .read more / lire la suite
A few weeks ago, during a party, Anais introduced us to her cousin: Betty, 18 years old, almost her clone, just two years younger but as the old saying goes, the value does not expect the number of years ...

Same fire in her eyes, same caramel colored skin, same jet black hair, the casting director almost swallowed his smartphone when Betty explained her career. In a few months, it's clear that the little Miss did not waste a single minute: dominatrix, sugar baby, extremely bitchy, she quickly understood the weaknesses of men and she's determined to enjoy it fully.

Submissive R: does't this name ring a bell? You should really remember him, when you say "slut", he also really fits to the term in an extreme way: I will even say a high-level whore who will make the army of sluts who claim to be submissive shy away. Check it out: 2 feet in ass, a black mamba, an Indian girl and a Black girl, here you are! "The biggest slut in the city" with Jade and Anas, people still ask us for more!

This summer R took advantage of the absence of his wife who's on a business trip to indulge in what he likes the most in the world: obey young dominant and gold-digger perverted girls. Speaking of venality, Betty has nothing to envy her cousin, for sadism, she is worse than her. After relaxing in the pool, Betty goes to the bar where her submissive is waiting, hood on his skull, collar around his neck and GOLD card in hand, the regulatory uniform of the most perfect whore ready to serve and suffer . The orders slam like the 36 shoe-size of the tanned and unscrupulous Miss. A session of ballbusting, another of financial domination and blackmail and all that in a single video my little friends!

PS: Betty is as adorable as she's addictive, we will have warned you!

Ballbusting, foot worship, Indian Goddess, 18 yo.

Length: 10.45 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mb/s - 769 Mb
FULL HD MP4 1920x1080 - 16 Mb/s - 1.18 Gb - Click on AVI button
MP4 for mobile 720x480 - 149 Mb

Il y a quelques semaines, au cours dune soire, Anas nous a prsent sa cousine : Betty 18 ans, sa copie presque conforme avec deux ans de moins mais comme dit ladage, la valeur nattend pas le nombre des annes...

Mme regard de braise, mme peau caramel, mme chevelure de jais, le directeur de casting a bien failli avaler son smartphone quand Betty lui a expliqu son parcours. En quelques mois, on peut dire que la petite Miss na pas perdu de temps : dominatrice, sugar baby, peste hors norme, elle a trs vite compris les faiblesses de lHomme et elle est bien dcide en profiter jusquau bout.

Soumis R : ce nom ne vous dit rien ? mais si voyons, souvenez-vous, au rayon salope lui aussi est hors norme : je dirai mme une pute de haute vole faire plir denvie larme de chiennasses qui prtendent tre soumises, vise un peu : 2 pieds dans le cul, un black mamba, une Indienne et une Black, voil : vous y tes ! La plus belle salope de la ville avec Jade et Anas, on nous en redemande encore !

Cet t R a profit de labsence de son pouse partie en voyage daffaires, pour sadonner ce quil kiffe le plus au monde : obir des jeunes dominatrices perverses et vnales. Pour ce qui est de la vnalit, Betty na rien envier sa cousine, pour le sadisme, elle est pire quelle. Aprs stre prlasse dans la piscine, Betty se rend au bar o lattend son soumis, cagoule sur le crne, laisse au cou et carte GOLD en main, luniforme rglementaire de la plus parfaite putain prte servir et souffrir. Les ordres claquent tout comme le 36 de la Miss aussi bronze que sans scrupule. Une sance de ballbusting, de domination financire et de chantage et tout a mes cocos dans une seule vido !

NB : Betty est aussi adorable quaddictive, on vous aura prvenu !

Ballbusting, adoration des pieds, Matresse indienne, 18 ans.

Dure: 10.45 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mo/s - 769 Mo
FULL HD MP4 1920x1080 - 16 Mo/s - 1,18 Go - Cliquer sur le bouton AVI
MP4 pour mobile 720x480 - 149 Mo

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