Goddess Milah Snake

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22 YO
Height: 1.72 m / 5.64 ft
Eyes: blue
Braist: 90B - 34B (USA)
Feet: 38 (EUR) - 4.5 (USA) - 3 (UK)
Skin: white
Occupation: dominatrix, humiliatrix
Practices: foot domination, foot fetish, foot worship, foot gagging, dirty feet, humiliation, trampling, strapon, fisting, ballbusting, spitting, whipping, financial domination, CBT, blackmail.

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10.60 Euros

After a night out clubbing and spending her submissives' money, Milah Furiosa Snake comes back in the cave where she had left her two slaves hand . . .read more / lire la suite
After a night out clubbing and spending her submissives' money, Milah Furiosa Snake comes back in the cave where she had left her two slaves handcuffed the night before: Dan & Duncan.

Much to her great fury, Milah realizes that Duncan took advantage of the night to escape: lack of stamina? Who knows? Never mind, Milah is firmly decided to make Dan pay for his mate's fault, that bitch will thus have a very hard time, even the double ! Tanned, tattooed, blue-eyed, wrestler shoulders, Milah Furiosa has a lot of rage in stock, a rain of cowboy style slaps in the face followed by a series of punches in the stomach...

Poor Dan, the scrawny-looking dude has some difficulties in contracting his abdominal muscles, white as a sheet, balding head, sissy voice, he was failed in being Stallone's stunt double, at Young Goddess Club: we hired him immediately! But Milah's rage is not taken out yet, fucking slave! Geysers of spit fall on his digusting face of loser...

"Open your dirty mouth, slut!"

The servant is shaking and he has good reasons for it! Milah, hanging on the bamboo bar gives him her dirty feet to lick, deep-throat "clean my feet, cunt", then she gives him real strong kicks before strangling him with her legs.

"Do you like that, bitch?"

Close to fainting, this HOM (Hand Over Mouth) adept is truly having pleasure and especially the really dirty feet of his Mistress, who -this morning- has clearly decided to wreck her whore! Milah Furiosa is raging, she's the same Zodiac sign as Rachel -panther ascendant tiger- she humiliates her submissive without limits. After spitting on the dubiously clean floor, she spreads the loogie with her foot before immediately pushing it deep in Dan's throat. "Do you like that, loser?"

You just have to see the delighted face of the submissive, dripping with spit, to understand how much he likes it without daring to say that he's dying for it to continue! ... So now, Dan, you will be fully satisfied: Milah Furiosa has just planned to go shopping with your credit card... In the meantime you will keep the bamboo company...

Humiliation, spitting, face slapping, dirty feet, foot fetish, foot worship, kicking.

Length: 14.22 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mb/s - 1.01 Gb
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MP4 for mobile 720x480 - 198 Mb

Aprs une nuit passe en bote claquer la thune de ses soumis, Milah Furiosa Snake revient dans la cave o la veille au soir, elle avait laiss ses deux esclaves menotts : Dan & Duncan.

A sa grande fureur, Milah saperoit que Duncan a profit de la nuit pour schapper : manque dendurance ? Qui sait ! Qu cela ne tienne, Milah est bien dcide faire payer Dan pour le forfait de son pote, cette pute va donc prendre cher, le double carrment ! Bronze, tatoue, le regard bleu, des paules de catcheuse, Milah Furiosa a de la rage revendre, une pluie de baffes de cow-boy suivie par une srie de coups de poings dans le bide

Pauvre Dan, lui qui est gaul dans un manche sucette a bien du mal serrer ses abdos, blanc comme un cul, le crne dgarni, une voix de fiotte, pour la doublure de Stallone, il a t recal, chez Young Goddess Club : on la pris tout de suite. Mais la rage de Milah nest pas assouvie pour autant, putain de soumis ! Des geysers de mollards sabattent sur sa tronche dgoulinante de loser

ouvre ta gueule poufiasse !

Il tremble le larbin et il peut ! Milah accroche la barre en bambou lui donne ses pieds sales lcher, gorge profonde, nettoie mes ypes salope ! puis lui file carrment des coups de lattes avant de ltrangler avec ses jambes !...

tu kiffes chiennasse ?

Au bord de lvanouissement cet adepte du HOM (hand over mouth) prend son pied et surtout les deux pieds bien crades de sa Matresse qui ce matin a clairement dcid de dmolir sa putain ! Milah Furiosa est dchane, du mme signe astrologique que Rachel panthre ascendant tigresse elle humilie son soumis sans limite. Aprs avoir crach sur le sol la propret douteuse, elle tale le mollard avec son pied pour immdiatement lenfoncer dans la bouche de Dan : tu kiffes boloss ? .

Il suffit de voir la mine ravie du soumis le visage ruisselant de crachats pour comprendre quel point il apprcie sans oser dire quil meurt envie que a continue !... Alors l Dan, tu vas tre combl : Milah Furiosa a justement prvu de faire du shopping avec ta carte de crdit Pendant ce temps-l, tu tiendras compagnie au bambou

Humiliations, crachats, gifles, pieds sales, ftichisme des pieds, adoration des pieds, coups de pieds.

Length: 14.22 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mb/s - 1.01 Gb
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11.90 Euros



Mission: to train the bitches

And its well done, Dan and Duncan are two assholes tha
. . .read more / lire la suite


Mission: to train the bitches

And its well done, Dan and Duncan are two assholes that form a duo of faggots!
Dan is tall and skinny, receding hairline, Duncan is small and muscular. Both are good sluts ready to be humiliated.

At Milahs feet, Dan and Duncan are waiting for orders: spits and insults, slaps and humiliations, both whores are going to have a good time. Behind her blue eyes, Mistress Milah hides a sadism almost genetic, since she turned 18, she has been dominating and humiliating men, Dan and Duncan are 2 slaves more in her harem.

Dan is wearing a chastity cage 24 hours a day, a face ball gag in his mouth, Dan is going to become a sextoy for his buddy Duncan, a little bastard who enjoys sucking big cocks and getting screwed, he sucks the dildo lubricated by Mistress Milahs spits before impaling himself on the cock, for one time, Dan can fuck somebody LOL ! While his buddy is doing some squats at a 2 cm of his nose

Do you enjoy the smell of his ass dirty bitch ?

Kinky Milah is not the last when it comes to humiliate her subs, you need a proof ? Duncan is forced to suck the dildo barely got out of his ass

Humiliation, face gag ball, spitting, porn star, face slapping.

Length: 16.25 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mb/s - 1.80 Gb
MP4 FULL HD 1920x1080 - 16 Mb/s - 1.15 Gb - Click on AVI button
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Mission : dresser les putes

Et a tombe bien, dans le genre catins masculines, Dan et Duncan forment un duo de choix !
Le premier est grand et flasque, le second petit et muscl, et les deux sont des bonnes chiennes prtes se faire humilier.

Aux pieds de Milah Snake, Dan et Duncan attendent les ordres : crachats et insultes, gifles et humiliations, ces deux putes sont la fte. Derrire ses yeux bleus lagon, Milah Snake cache un sadisme gntique, depuis ses 18 ans, elle domine et asservit les hommes, ces deux salopes ne sont que deux pions de plus.

Couilles encages, gode au bec, Dan va servir de sextoy son pote Duncan, un petit encul dont le plaisir maxillaire est de pomper des bites et la jouissance anale den prendre plein le fion. Un gros mollard sur le gode facial, et les deux petits fiottes peuvent commencer nous faire leur numro de claquette : aprs avoir pratiqu une pipe parfaite, Duncan vient sempaler sur le gode de son pote, pour une fois que cette lope de Dan peut baiser quelquun MDR ! Duncan est invit faire des sries de squats mains en lair et gode au cul quelques centimtres de la bouche de son pote.

tu kiffes lodeur de son cul ?

Milah la perverse nest pas la dernire quand il sagit dhumilier ses soumis, la preuve, une fois sorti de son boule, Duncan ira sucer le gode qui la profondment sodomiser

Humiliations, gode facial, crachats, gifles, actrice X.

Dure: 16,25 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mo/s - 1,80 Go
MP4 FULL HD 1920x1080 - 16 Mo/s - 1,15 Go - Cliquer sur le bouton AVI
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12.60 Euros

For more than 20 years, Duncan in being ass-fucked, this backrooms and big cocks regular is gifted with a strongly sensitive anal sense which mak . . .read more / lire la suite
For more than 20 years, Duncan in being ass-fucked, this backrooms and big cocks regular is gifted with a strongly sensitive anal sense which makes him often get some in the butt.

At the KGB club, he gets fucked by Milah Snake, 25 years old, 5 of which spent rimming the whores' asses and training sluts. Milah Snake? Wrestler shoulders, perfect measurements, extraordinary physical strenght, do not take it into your head to try to grab her ass, you would take a direct back and forth face-slap without any call! This is a notice to all of you suckers unable to control their hands...

A huge loogie is dripping off Duncan's face, after a mere 5 minutes in front of Milah he already guesses he will be severely punched! After taking a few dick-strokes on the nose, sucking and worshipping the 25 centimeters of the dildo, this Duncan little whore is ordered to slip the condom with his teeth while fingering is anus.

Give me your ass slut!

Between the literary academy and the dildo's one, Milah has definiteley chosen the second!

On all fours, ass up, upside down, the furious Milah is rimming the hole of her tatooed whore, 25 cm of free shipping and packing for your ass bitch! You deserve it slut, having your butt broken! He may be crying is ass off, Duncan is on orbit and the stripper is firmly decided to go touch his third rectum! The more the sub yells, the more this unique Dominatrix is rimming his insides while spitting in his face! Duncan may have more than 20 years of experience in anal submission, he has found his master, or rather his Mistress who does not hesitate to take him in spoon style with the order to lick her feet before forcing him to lick his own shoes.

Mistress Milah said to take everything: EVERYTHING! The dildo must disappear in the bottom of your hole! The good thing with Milah is that she never runs short of imagination, especially in humiliation... As soon as the dildo is out of his anus, she drives it one shot in the mouth of her sub, a blow to take his tonsils off!

So bitch, do you enjoy the taste of your ass?

The little tatooed guy hasn't finished yet, hey guys, here's dessert: a series of really vicious squats aiming to put the whole dick inside ... Hide this dildo, it's so obscene!

Strapon, humiliation, Foot worship, dirty feet, spitting, face slapping

Length: 19.06 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mb/s - 1.36 Gb
MP4 FULL HD 1920x1080 - 16 Mb/s - 2.13 Gb - Click on AVI button
MP4 for mobile 720x480 - 264 Mb

Depuis plus de 20 ans, Duncan se fait enculer, cet habitu des backrooms et des grosses bites est dot dun sens anal hyper sensible qui le porte naturellement en prendre plein le fion.

Au KGB club, il se fait dresser le fion par Milah Snake, 25 ans donc 5 piges ramoner des putes et dresser des lopes. Milah Snake ? Des paules de catcheuses, des mensurations parfaites, une force physique extraordinaire, ne tavise pas lui mettre la main au cul, tu te prends un aller et retour direct et sans escale ! Avis aux relous incapables de contrler leur mains

Le gros mollard dgouline sur le visage de Duncan, cela ne fait pas 5 mn quil est devant Milah et dj il devine quil va se faire dmonter Aprs avoir pris quelques bifles sur le museau, sucer et vnrer les 25 cm du gode, cette petite salope de Duncan a ordre de glisser le prservatif avec ses dents tout en se doigtant lanus.

tend ton cul POUFFIASSE !

Entre lacadmie littraire et celle du gode ceinture, Milah a dfinitivement choisi la seconde !

A quatre pattes, le cul en haut, la tte en bas, Milah la furieuse lime le trou de sa putain tatoue, 25 cm franco de port et demballage pour ton cul morue ! Tu mrites que a connasse, te faire dfoncer la rondelle ! , il a beau chialer sa race, Duncan est sur orBITE, et la strip teaseuse bien dcide lui toucher le troisime rectum ! Plus le soumis hurle, plus cette dominatrice unique en son genre le ramone tout en lui crachant dans la gueule ! Duncan a beau avoir une exprience de plus de 20 piges dans la soumission anale, l il a trouv son Matre ou plutt sa Matresse qui nhsite pas le prendre en cuillre avec lordre de lui lcher les pieds avant de lobliger lcher ses pompes.

Matresse Milah a dit de tout prendre : TOUT ! le gode doit disparatre au fond de ton trou ! Ce quil y a de bien avec Milah, cest quelle nest jamais cours dimagination surtout dans lhumiliation A peine le gode sorti de son anus, elle lenfonce one shot dans la bouche de son soumis, un coup lui dcoller les amygdales !

alors putain, tu lkiffes le got de ton cul ?

Le petit tatou nen a pas fini, h les mecs, ya du dessert : une srie de squats bien vicelarde avec comme objectif senfoncer la totalit de la bite Cachez ce gode que je ne saurais voir !

Gode ceinture, humiliations, Adoration des pieds, pieds sales, crachats, gifles.

Dure: 19,06 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mo/s - 1.36 Go
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11.90 Euros

Theres a strange bar in the downtown, known only to the masochists: KGB CLUB.

An entrance that gives to an anonymous door, a stone st
. . .read more / lire la suite
Theres a strange bar in the downtown, known only to the masochists: KGB CLUB.

An entrance that gives to an anonymous door, a stone stair leading to the underground, a second armored door, two cameras, a bar where Milah Snake dominates her subs, beautiful and sadistic, shes just turned 25. Dan 2 x 25 - comes every week, hes a regular and has a secret passion : to be humiliated.

This fifty-years old masochist loves to crawl at Milahs feet, after a harsh face-slapping session (see part 1), the slave hes wearing a chastity cage must lick the dirty feet of her Mistress, but it is just an antipasto in comparison hes going to live: face-sitting, tickling, spitting, pussy smelling, one thing is sure, Dan is on his way to the most total slavery.

Face sitting, head scissor, foot fetish, spitting, humiliation, tickling, porn actress

Length: 14.40 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mb/s - 1.03 Gb
MP4 FULL HD 1920x1080 - 16 Mb/s - 1.60 Gb - Click on AVI button
MP4 for mobile 720x480 - 203 Mb

Il existe en ville un bar discret connu des aficionados du masochisme : le KGB CLUB.

Une entre, une porte, un escalier puis une seconde porte blinde qui souvre sur un bar, cest ici quoffice Milah Snake, 25 ans, joueuse et sadique. Cest ici que vient rgulirement Dan, 2 x 25 ans, ftichiste et masochiste, adepte des humiliations svres.

Tatoue de la tte aux pieds, Milah domine les mecs depuis ses 18 ans, elle a a dans le sang la Milah et ce quelle aime par-dessus tout ce sont les petites fiottes comme Dan.

Le cinquantenaire se fait dresser par une fille qui pourrait tre largement la sienne, aprs avoir essuy une tornade de baffes (cf. premire partie), le boloss couilles entraves doit lcher les pieds bien crades de sa Matresse, mais ce nest l quun antipasto cot de ce qui va suivre: touffement, tranglement, chatouilles bien raides, face-sitting, crachats dans la gueule, gifles, quil se rassure: Dan est sur le chemin de lasservissement total.

Face sitting, touffement, ftichisme des pieds, crachats, humiliations, chatouilles, actrice X

Dure: 14,40 mn
FULL HD WMV 1920x1080 - 10 Mo/s - 1.03 Go
MP4 FULL HD 1920x1080 - 16 Mo/s - 1.60 Go - Cliquer sur le bouton AVI
MP4 pour mobile 720x480 - 203 Mo


10.90 Euros

One year ago, Sephora -whose real name is Safira (you didn't know that guys!) talked to us about a good friend of hers who performs domination. A . . .read more / lire la suite
One year ago, Sephora -whose real name is Safira (you didn't know that guys!) talked to us about a good friend of hers who performs domination. After one first phone contact last winter, nothing.

2 months ago, the telephone rings, a rough and charming voice at the other end of the line: MILAH SNAKE. If this name doesn't ring a bell for you, you have to remember it because you'll soon learn who's the BOSS!


25 years old
Brown hair
Blue eyes
38 shoe size
Tatoos on her whole body
Sadist, mocking, perverted, unscrupulous, without limits

Activities: dominatrix, stripper, porn actress

Dan is cute, with his small voice and his bald patch, it's obvious he must have been excused from gym when he was young... Submissive, masochist, head scissor enthusiast, this balding ectomorph has nothing against having his face slapped and being humiliated. With his extremely shy nature, Dan lives his submissive side in the intimacy of bedrooms and one day, he naturally bursts into KGB CLUB, a true slave bar where sissies come to be dominated by vicious waitresses.

Naked, his cock restrained, scruffy hair, kneeling like a good whore, Dan introduces himself to Milah Snake with a mechanic and stuttering voice, a masterful slap reminds the sub the elementary rules of diction (wouldn't have she been a dominatrix, Milah Snake could have been a good speech therapist). No doubt, down from her 5'7'' and with her wrestler shoulders, Milah is determined to train her piece of shit : a loogie rain falls down on the dazed face of the sub, followed by a tornado of slaps, welcome to the KGB CLUB!

You love rough and tough dominaton sessions? You're gonna love the crap out of this video. Dan is taking a lot right in his face, insulted, humiliated, beaten down, this asshole will soon learn who's in charge!

GODDESS MILAH SNAKE, you've seen nothing yet!

Face slapping, spitting, foot domination, foot worship, dirty feet, porn actress, humiliation.

Length: 11 mn
FULL HD MP4 1920x1080 - 16 Mb/s - 807 Mb - click on WMV button
SPECIAL VERSION SUPER HD H264 AVC 1280x720 - 24 Mb/s - 1.78 Gb - Click on AVI button
MP4 for mobile 720x480 - 227 Mb

Il y a un an, Sephora de son vrai nom Safira (a vous ne le saviez pas mes cocos) nous parle d'une bonne copine elle qui pratique la domination. Un premier contact tlphonique a lieu cet hiver et puis : plus rien.

Il y a 2 mois, le tlphone sonne, une voix rauque et charmante, au bout de la ligne : MILAH SNAKE. Si ce nom ne te dit rien, retiens-le bien car tu ne vas pas tarder apprendre qui est le BOSS.


25 ans
Yeux bleus
1,75 m
Pieds 38
Tatouages sur l'ensemble du corps
Sadique, moqueuse, perverse, sans scrupule et sans limite.

Activits : dominatrice, strip teaseuse, actrice X.

Il est mignon Dan, avec sa petite voix et sa calvitie naissante, on voit tout de suite qu'il a d tre dispens de sport pendant sa jeunesse... Soumis, maso, adepte du head scissor, cette grande tige dgarnie ne dteste pas non plus se faire tarter la gueule et se faire humilier. D'une timidit maladive, Dan vit sa soumission dans l'intimit des alcves et c'est tout naturellement, qu'un soir il dboule au KGB CLUB, vritable bar soumis o les lopettes viennent se faire dominer par des serveuses bien vicieuses.

A poil, la queue entrave, les tifs hirsute, genoux comme les putes, Dan se prsente Milah Snake d'une voix mcanique et bgayante, une baffe magistrale vient rappeler au larbin les rgles lmentaires de la diction (si elle n'avait pas t dominatrice, Milah Snake aurait fait une excellente orthophoniste). Pas de doute, du haut de son mtre soixante-quinze avec ses paules de catcheuse, Milah est bien dcide dresser sa sous-merde : une pluie de mollards s'abat sur la tronche ahurie du soumis suivie d'une tornade de claques, bienvenue au KGB CLUB !

Tu kiffes les sances de domination raides et costaudes ? Tu vas kiffer la vido. Dan s'en prend plein la gueule, insult, humili, battu, ce trou du cul va vite apprendre qui commande !

GODDESS MILAH SNAKE, tu n'as encore rien vu...

Gifles, crachats, domination par les pieds, adoration des pieds, pieds sales, actrice X, humiliations.

Dure: 11 mn
FULL HD MP4 1920x1080 - 16 Mo/s - 1,19 Go - cliquer sur le bouton WMV
VERSION SPECIALE SUPER HD H264 AVC 1280x720 - 24 Mo/s - 1,78 Go - cliquer sur le bouton AVI
MP4 pour mobile 720x480 - 227 Mo

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